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City Health Office is committed to maintaining the privacy of personal data obtained in the use of this program. Coincident to this compliance is our acknowledgement that the personal information we collect and process are handled in observance of the minimum standards defined under Republic Act No. 10173 (“Data Privacy Act of 2012” or “DPA”) and its own internal Privacy Rules.

As a patient who provides personal information and sensitive personal information to City Health Office, you hereby authorize and consent to the collection, use, processing, and transfer of said information according to well-founded and legitimate purposes. Further, you hereby authorize the sharing of said information to regulatory bodies or local government units to allow City Health Office to meet its commitments under applicable laws, regulations, including contractual commitments. We may further collect or disclose necessary information from our subsidiaries and affiliates or other agencies as allowed by the law.

City Health Office is also committed to perpetuate the integrity, availability and confidentiality of your information against any occurrences or breaches while ensuring the protection of the fundamental right of privacy. This commitment applies to all involved in this program. Processing of information will only be done when patient has already given his/her consent prior to the collection of his/her data or as soon as practicable and reasonable.

Any form of transferring, sharing, or outsourced processing of your personal information shall be carried out in observance with guidelines set under the law through an agreement

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